Common Pricing Questions

What’s Included?


Small Furniture

Small furniture moving (we DO NOT typically move beds, furniture with electronics, heavy dressers, or the like.  We DO move tables, sofas, chairs, and smaller furniture items.



(sanitizes and deodorizes)

The Natural Choice Carpet Cleaning | Quick Dry & Chemical-Free

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Family Rooms: $35 each (most)
  • Most Other Rooms: $25 each
  • Hallways: $25 each
  • Stairs: $50 per stairway
  • Rugs: ($20-45 each (price varies by size)
  • Master Bedroom: $35 each (includes walk-in closets)
  • Sitting Room: $25 each
  • Carpet Protector: $15 per room/space
  • Pet Treatment: $25

Extra Fees

There is a $40 upgrade fee for berber carpeting.  This fee is per home, NOT per room.  General stains and spots are included in the above prices; however,  excessive pet or other bad stains may need to be priced on site.


  • Sofa: $80-100 each
  • Loveseat: $60-80 each
  • Side Chair/Ottoman: $25-45 each

Payment Methods?






All Major Credit Cards

Other Services

  • Wood Floor Cleaning
  • Wood Floor Polishing
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning

These types of jobs would typically need to be priced on site.

Is There a Minimum Charge?

Yes, Our Minimum Charge is $100

Are There Any Travel Fees?

Sometimes, yes.  If you live outside of these zip codes, there may be an extra fee, typically $25. Our local zip codes with NO EXTRA FEES are:

30041, 30040, 30004, 30028, 30005, 30009, and 30518.